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 Hosts one of America’s top investing shows weekly, Get Rich Education
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 Active income property investor since 2002
 Author of Amazon #1 Bestselling Book: 7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential (2017) 

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Most people have heard that real estate has turned more ordinary people into millionaires and billionaires than anything else.

We show you how – exposing the wealth building strategies that the rich use, yet anyone can apply.

Why take effort and energy learning how to live below your means? Instead, learn how to expand your means.

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This is the exact modest four-plex that Keith bought in 2002. It was the first home that he ever owned of any kind. It is in midtown Anchorage, Alaska, a city of 300,000 residents.


This is the Cashiers’ Check stub for Keith’s first four-plex purchase – a 3.5% FHA down payment plus some closing costs for his $295,000 purchase.

In 2002, when it was time to purchase his first home, Keith didn’t buy a traditional “home.” He literally transformed from a rent-paying tenant into a real estate investor with three rent incomes overnight.

How? He bought an Anchorage, Alaska four-plex building, living in one unit while renting out the other three.

But soon the “dealing with tenants” reality ensued. He made mistakes like renting an apartment to girls just because they were pretty, to sympathizing with late-paying renters and never getting paid.

Keith owned that first four-plex for a couple years until he even knew what terms like “cash flow”, “cash-on-cash return”, or “equity” meant.

Keith learned the hard knocks from the inside by managing his own properties and tenants for 5-1/2 years.

When he read a book and learned about leverage and cash-out refinances, the light bulb illuminated.

Rather than just gaining this knowledge, it was acted upon and Keith’s portfolio soon grew to add a second four-plex, then a single family home, then out-of-state “turnkey” properties, then foreign agricultural land, then ever-larger apartment buildings and more.

Keith soon found great joy and influence by relating his experiences to others, and demonstrating how providing responsible housing with an abundance mentality, simple math, and acting “at the speed of instruction” makes ordinary people wealthy in real estate.

Today, Keith actively invests in income property nationally and internationally, from United States apartment buildings to offshore coffee farms.

Get Rich Education focuses on smart buy-and-hold real estate investing because it’s not a job. Flipping, wholesaling, and other real estate means can be profitable. But they’re jobs.

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He and his wife spend 9-10 months a year at their home in beautiful and pristine Anchorage, Alaska. They travel the other months.

Keith is a regular guest on video and audio business shows, and a regular participant at national and international investing conferences.

Starting his mentorships informally with a whiteboard and easel in his dining room, Keith inspires by helping students answer their “compelling why” today. He is now sought as an investing coach.

Keith has a pattern of financial donation to promote various causes, especially physical fitness.

With a commitment to broader financial literacy as well as real estate, Keith’s business principles center around integrity and value creation for all parties within “the sharing economy.”

In 2013, Keith founded Get Rich Education, an independent source of groundbreaking original real estate investing podcasts, articles, videos, and newsletters.

By 2014, he hosted of one of America’s top investing shows. The popular Get Rich Education audio podcast is released weekly, with millions of downloads from 180+ nations.

Get Rich Education provides education, actionable content, inspiration, and referrals for various investing opportunities with reputable providers, offering exceptional value to the buyer.

Keith’s mindset and investing philosophy can be summarized by the Robert Kiyosaki quote, “Don’t live below your means. Expand your means.”

Most investors focus on metrics like Cap Rate, Cash-On-Cash Return, and Internal Rate Of Return. Keith is a proponent that the most important measure of all is your ROTI – your Return On Time Invested.

To Keith, “getting rich” means more than having lots of real estate, cash flow, or financial wealth. If that’s all that you want, then don’t even try to acquire wealth because no amount will make you happy anyway.

Real estate is only the fuel that generates financial freedom. That way you can enjoy the peace, love, happiness, joy and free time that you ultimately want; and it also means giving well to others.


Keith and his wife Rosanel enjoying some beach
time in Caye Caulker, Belize.


One of Keith & GRE right-hand man John Collins’
favorite activities is hiking the steep mountains
outside Anchorage.

Most people have heard that real estate has turned more ordinary people into millionaires and billionaires than anything else.

We show you how – exposing the wealth building strategies that the rich use, yet anyone can apply.

Keith Weinhold

Keith Weinhold


Keith is the host of one of the top investing talk shows in the United States, Get Rich Education. Listen free on iTunes | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | Spreaker | Android App. Keith is the Founder of Get Rich Education, LLC to teach others how to achieve wealth through investing and real estate.

John Collins

John Collins

Business Development

GRE’s “right hand man” lines up guests and helps promote Get Rich Education.

With Greenspan in New Orleans, 2014

With Greenspan in New Orleans, 2014


Keith and Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in New Orleans.

With Schiff in New Orleans, 2014

With Schiff in New Orleans, 2014


Keith and Global Economist Peter Schiff at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

The Real Estate Guys, Belize, 2014

The Real Estate Guys, Belize, 2014


Keith and “The Real Estate Guys” Robert Helms and Russell Gray in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With Kiyosaki in Miami, 2016

With Kiyosaki in Miami, 2016


Keith and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki.

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“I am very impressed with your show! Not only with the quality of production and presentation, but also with the phenomenal content.”

Matt Tomlinson

Listener, Frederick, MD

“Here’s why I just LOVE you and what you’re doing!!!! You are showing everyday people how to have a much better financial life by building financial literacy – your show isn’t just about real estate, it’s about having a wealthy mindset in general. You make it real and use a lot of great real life example. You have guests who share a lot of real life strategies and tools. I’ve gotten books, links to other podcasts, real estate websites and other ideas from your show. Thank you!”

Nicole Bryan

Listener, Bowie, MD

“I’m a 26-year-old police officer. First off I want to thank you. You’ve opened my eyes and made me realize that there is more to life than what I first thought possible. From the initial process of becoming a police officer, the city highly suggests that you get a 401(k) and put money into it every paycheck. I began doing exactly that from the young age of 22. By that time there were already 33 podcasts that you had aired. Over the course of the next few weeks I was hooked and could not stop listening to your brilliant words of wisdom. I immediately stopped contributing to my 401(k) and decided to start focusing on passive income via real estate. This has increased my income, unlike a 401(k) which decreased my income.”

Phoenix O’ Rourke

Listener, San Mateo, CA



7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential (2017)

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