Best Investor Websites and Apps

These websites and apps are some of the best resources to help you create time, wealth, and productivity, no matter what you do. Others are helpful for real estate investors like me. You’ve likely used Google Earth, Zillow, and other common resources. Here are some...

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How To Stay Profitable In A Real Estate Recession

Most U.S. real estate markets are booming here in 2017. Yet I own apartment buildings in a city where there’s a recession, and it’s hurting me. Wherever you’re investing in real estate, it will face a future economic downturn sometime, so there’s a lesson in this for...

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Why I DON’T Want You To Become A Millionaire

Do you want to become a millionaire? Then you’re thinking too small. Millionaires are not even financially wealthy. Let’s define million and millionaire: 1. A million not some impossibly big, dreamy number. It’s just one thousand times one thousand. A million grains...

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How To Turn $100K Into $300K In Five Years

Here’s a great, actionable 5-year blueprint for you to build durable wealth. This is what I do for people! Let’s go! Here’s how you can turn your $100K into $300K in five years, and create passive monthly income along the way. If you desire, you can even turn your...

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Why You Should Be The Second Owner Of A Home

Do you want to buy your primary residence - or pay rent? If you’ve decided that it makes more sense to own your home rather than pay rent to somebody else, then consider buying a home that makes you the second owner of that property. That’s right. Don’t buy new...

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Stop Trying To Be Perfect

You’re probably reading my Rich Dad Advisor articles over the months, thinking that I must live some sort of charmed life. Every day is sublime perfection. Like I walk out into my backyard, and my mere aura causes countless dollars to just fall out of the sky and into...

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GRE Field Report: Dallas Turnkey Real Estate Investing

You want a strong investment return with as little of your own effort as possible. Real estate investing has made more ordinary people wealthy than anything else. In real estate investing, most people think about the property first. That’s a mistake. That’s backwards....

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Should You Rent Or Buy Your Home?

Most people think that owning a home is a financial asset. That’s not true. Rich Dad said, “A home is a liability, not an asset.” An asset puts money into your pocket every month. A home takes money out of your pocket every month. Though owning a home is rarely a good...

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Want Wealth? Buy A Four-Plex Building

Here we go - I’m so excited to help you build wealth today! If you want to improve yourself from poor or middle class and into wealth, you need to think big. Then follow up on that abundant thought with strategy and action. Here’s a specific, actionable way for your...

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Real Estate Is Hard To Sell. Good Or Bad?

Your real estate can be hard to sell. With inspections, repairs, appraisals, unknowns, and waiting for your buyer’s financing approval, it can take you 30-45 days or much longer to sell. Compared to stocks, gold, and mutual funds, real estate is an illiquid investment...

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You Need This To Survive

There are myriad reasons that make real estate superior to other investment vehicles. One reason is the fact that real estate is not going to go out of style. Basic elements of primordial human survival are the essential need for food, shelter, and safety. In fact,...

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Want Wealth? You Must Change Your Vocabulary

“Being wealthy is a choice.” The first time I read this was in a Robert Kiyosaki book. I don’t actually remember which book that was, but I do remember my reaction to that statement: “That can’t be true. It’s not that simple. You can’t just choose.” That’s what I...

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The 5 Ways You’re Paid In Real Estate Investing

Most people know that real estate has made more ordinary people wealthy than any other investment vehicle. But they don’t know how. Real estate is a “multi-dimensional” investment class. This means that you’re paid multiple ways simultaneously. Five, in fact! Let’s...

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The Secret Monthly Bill You Didn’t Know You Pay

You’re being robbed by a stealthy thief and you don’t even know it. Let’s learn how. Then we’ll help you get on top of this problem. In the past month, you had a number of routine monthly bills to pay. Those might have included your electricity bill, internet bill,...

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24 Phone Apps Every Real Estate Investor Needs

Here are some of my favorite websites and apps for real estate investing, as well as for day-to-day business. Some of these can directly create time or money for you. While the others, well they just make you look like a real pro! Here are 24 apps every real estate...

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Here’s How a Real Estate Investor Gets Paid

With real estate, people often don’t understand how an investor is paid. I mean, stocks historically provide an annual rate of return of about 10% and are low hassle. Comparatively, real estate values historically only return about 5% annual appreciation…and with more hassle! Right?

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Why ‘Live Below Your Means’ is Bad Advice

I am constantly baffled why the common advice “Be sure to live below your means” is so pervasive and enduring. Sadly, it just underscores the scarcity mentality that has infected society. Kids are misled like this when they’re young and impressionable. They learn...

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Why You Need A Property Manager For Real Estate Wealth

I started out by making my first “home” a four-plex building in 2002, and I’m fortunate enough to own lots of rental property today. But if a tenant has a leaky faucet or the lawn needs mowing, they sure don’t contact me. They wouldn’t even know how to. But I do want...

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Knowledge Is Not Power

Have you ever wondered how real estate has made more people wealthy than any other investment vehicle? How can that work for you? That’s right. You don’t work for it. It works for you. Look. Why don’t I tell you – not only how it works in plain, simple English – but...

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One Thing that’s Never Going Out of Style

There are myriad reasons that make real estate superior to other investment vehicles. One top reason is the fact that it is never going to go out of style. Basic elements of primordial human survival are the essential need for food, shelter, and safety. In fact, real...

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Where Debt is Good

Debt can be good. That’s probably not what your parents told you. Well, some of the most successful real estate investors are tens of millions of dollars in debt. How can that be? It is because the value of the assets that they have bought exceeds the amount borrowed....

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