Chocolate-Covered Profits

There is a massive, world-wide shortage for fine-flavored and organic cacao as demand explodes for gourmet chocolate worldwide. The fundamentals of the supply and demand imbalance for cacao make this market ripe for profits.

Fine cacao is experiencing rapidly growing demand from a developing world. But the industry faces the same problems as a lot of the world’s subsistence crops: lack of education, training, motivation and capital.

This opportunity is a chance for you to own parcels in your very own fine-flavored and organic cacao farm with the same trusted provider that Keith has invested with for years.

The parcels are turnkey-managed, and project a regular cash flow to the investor following the annual harvest. Unlike your tenants, the trees show up every day, they know what to do, they don’t complain to the landlord, and aren’t subject to the whims of a local economy’s vibrancy like residential real estate.

Think about it. Cacao trees don’t know whether the residential real estate market went up or down, what happened to the stock market, or whether the Fed hiked interest rates!

The trees just grow. What a smart way to diversify. It’s fascinating. You owe it to yourself to at least get ahold of the provider’s 12-page FAQ report at the right.

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