Chris Martenson Defines Wealth – Author of Crash Course

Author of “The Crash Course” and Founder of, Chris Martenson defines the three tiers of wealth with me.

Star RE Investor Victor Menasce Is In New Orleans With Me

Here at the New Orleans Investment Conference, I ran into GRE podcast #138 guest and expert real estate investor, Victor Menasce.

Utilize Other People’s Money For Profit

If you only get YOUR money to work for you, you’ll work all your life. Here, I tell you how to ethically use OTHER people’s money three ways at the same time to create wealth.

Great Returns By Investing in ATMs

Some people in society will spend $2 to get a $20 bill from an ATM. Learn about how you can profit from this. Learn more at


7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential (2017)

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