Wealth-Building Lessons

Get Rich Education – How Leverage Makes You Wealthy

Financial leverage is probably the greatest wealth creation tool in real estate investing. Yet few understand leverage until they watch this.

Get Rich Education – Wealth Patterns

Want wealth? Change your thought patterns and the words that you use. It really starts here. Words shape thoughts. Thoughts shapes actions. Actions shapes patterns. Patterns become the real you.

Get Rich Education – Cash Flow vs. Inflation

Real estate investing creates wealth five ways at the same time! The least known of these five is how you actually profit from inflation.

How To Acquire Wealth – Free Book

To acquire wealth, stop thinking like the middle class or poor. Getting your money to work for you will not build wealth. Learn what does. It is available to everyday people – and it’s sitting right under your nose. My International Best Seller is now free in the E-version! Go to: www.GetRichEducation.com/Book

Late-Paying Tenant? Say These 7 Magic Words

If you’ve got a tenant that wants to pay the rent late, these are the seven magic words that you tell them to ensure on-time rent payments thereafter. From the Get Rich Education podcast, you know that I advocate outsourcing your Property Management sooner rather than later.

Why You Must Be Weird

Want wealth? What makes you weird makes you successful. Embrace the weird. I provide examples of what makes me weird. If you do what everyone else does, you’re only going to get what everyone else has.

New Construction Turnkey Income Property In Jacksonville, FL

Want passive income from real estate without having to be a landlord? Our reputable Jacksonsville, FL provider has NEW CONSTRUCTION turnkey income property inventory available now, and already tenanted. Free report at: www.GetRichEducation.com/jax

Give Yourself A Pay Raise – Here’s How

Stop participating in your Salary Reduction Plan. Replace it with a Salary Increase Plan. Why are you still contributing to a 401(k)? It’s a Salary Reduction Plan. That’s what they were originally called, but no one would participate! The plans haven’t changed since. Instead, you can opt-in for a Salary Increase Plan that you may not have known about.


7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential (2017)

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