Here are some of my favorite websites and apps for real estate investing, as well as for day-to-day business. Some of these can directly create time or money for you. While the others, well they just make you look like a real pro!

Here are 24 apps every real estate investor needs:

  1. – Generate lists of motivated sellers.
  2. and – Economic and real estate market research.
  3. DocuSign – Send & sign documents remotely.
  4. Dropbox – Slick, easy file-sharing app.
  5. – Send video messages.
  6. Google Earth – Global maps & aerial photos.
  7. HomeClick – Property improvement hardware.
  8. HomeSnap app – Take a photo of the outside of a home to see photos of the inside of a home!
  9. Kitco app – Slick app for up-to-the minute precious metals price charts.
  10. Landlord app – Property management on-the-go.
  11. Landlordology – Rental advice, tips, resources.
  12. Lighter Side of Real Estate – Laugh a little!
  13. – Commercial real estate searches, includes residential.
  14. Mortgage Calculator app – Estimate monthly mortgage payments.
  15. – Market research specifically geared to RE investors. Monthly fee.
  16. – Share & compare yours’ and others’ portfolios.
  17. Pro HDR app  – App for beautiful photography. Costs $1.99.
  18. Property Evaluator app – Do a quick APOD or P&L in under five minutes. See how the property cash flows.
  19. Property Tracker app – Real estate market and demographic detail.
  20. RingCentral app – Dedicated phone number for your business – calls, texts, faxes. Free.
  21. – Generate a quality logo quickly & inexpensively.
  22. – Legal forms and property rental forms. State-specific.
  23. – Hire people to look at your more distant properties.
  24. Zillow – Residential property info. and pricing.

Are you a real estate investor with other favorite apps? What are they?

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