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Why Your Property Could Never Appreciate

Your property might never appreciate in value. Yet at the same time, this property can increase your affluence, even if it provides zero income or tax efficiency. All else equal, how could that be true? It’s because you are confusing appreciation with inflation....

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7 Minutes To A Wealthy Mindset

“Being wealthy is a choice.” The first time I read this was in a Robert Kiyosaki book. I don’t actually remember which book that was, but I do remember my reaction to that statement: “That can’t be true. It’s not that simple. You can’t just choose.” That’s what I...

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What’s Best? 30-Year vs. 15-Year Mortgage

Buying a home is the one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Its mortgage payment is often your greatest expense each month. A mortgage is your loan from the bank. Your home is the bank’s collateral. If you miss payments and default on the loan, the bank can...

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Why Paying Rent Is Not “Throwing Money Away”

Most people think that owning a home is a financial asset. That’s not true. In fact, the top-selling financial author of all-time, Robert Kiyosaki, says, “A home is a liability, not an asset.” An asset puts money into your pocket every month. A home takes money out of...

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Why “Financially-Free” Beats “Debt-Free”

Financial freedom has more impact in your life than debt freedom. Why pay off a car loan with a 4% interest rate? Instead, you have the opportunity to invest those dollars into something that produces an income stream, perhaps paying you an 9% rate. That’s called...

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How I Know That You Are An Investor

I already know that you are an investor. We may not have met, so how could I possibly know this? It is because every day, every dollar that you spend and every minute that you spend is an investment in something. Say that you spend ten extra minutes washing and drying...

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Why Home Equity Is An Awful Investment

How much would you want to invest in something that could never go up in value, but only go down? Well, zero. Right? That sounds awful. However, a substantial amount of your net worth is probably tied up in this vehicle right now. It’s called home equity. Home equity...

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Real Estate Investors: Stop Looking At Property

Stop looking at property. In real estate investing, the property is only the fourth most important thing. People make the mistake of starting out by looking at properties. That’s why you hear bad stories of how they had an awful rental property experience. If you want...

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How To Get Information, Not Affirmation

Even in “The Information Age”, information can make people uncomfortable. Therefore, they avoid information and instead seek affirmation. It is more comforting to be affirmed than informed. Staying in an affirmation loop stunts your growth. This rings particularly...

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