205: A Diamond In The Rust Belt

205: A Diamond In The Rust Belt

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

A dollar is not money. Money serves three purposes: #1: It is a Medium Of Exchange. #2: It is a Unit Of Account. #3: it is Store Of Value. There is an opportunity for you to invest in cash-flowing real estate in Cleveland (link). After discussing the roles of money, currency, and real assets, we discuss the Cleveland, Ohio real estate investing market. Generally, if a place is too desirable to live in, it is a bad place to invest in real estate for cash flow. But it must be attractive enough to retain residents. Cities must reinvent themselves when manufacturing wanes. Cleveland has doubled-down on medical technology and have become a world leader in health care. Eight Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here. The Cleveland Clinic is a world health care leader. Neighborhood selection, pockets for long-term appreciation and cash flow. Typical: 3 BR / 2 BA, $700 – $1,000 rent, $80,000 price, 2% property tax. This provider: financing-friendly, in-house management, guarantee, annual inspection, give tours.

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02:06 Money and currency roles.
04:08 Real assets.
05:53 “Too desirable” to live in a place.
10:18 Medical and technology replaces manufacturing.
11:00 Why companies are spending more to renovate homes.
16:24 Cleveland culture.
19:12 Fortune 500 companies – eight headquartered in Cleveland.
21:49 Forbes named Cleveland the top cash-flowing rental market.
24:22 Why SFHs?
29:58 Typical: 3 BR / 2 BA, $700 – $1,000 rent, 2% property tax.
32:04 Provider, financing-friendly, in-house management, guarantee, annual inspection.
35:45 Interested? Get the investing report at www.GetRichEducation.com/Cleveland.

Resources Mentioned >

Resources Mentioned: GetRichEducation.com/Cleveland | The Real Estate Guys Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com | Cash Flow Banking: ProducersWealth.com | Turnkey RE: NoradaRealEstate.com | QRP: TotalControlFinancial.com | Find Properties: GREturnkey.com | GRE Book: GetRichEducation.com/Book

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