231: Ken McElroy | How To Optimize Rent Income, Housing Price Indices

Ken McElroy | How To Optimize Rent Income, Housing Price Indices

by Keith Weinhold | Get Rich Education

It’s Rich Dad Month, Week 2 of 4. Learn how to optimize your rent income with Ken McElroy.

Learn how to create a profit spread just like the banks.

Case-Shiller vs. Freddie Mac – learn who has the best U.S. Housing Price Index.

Freddie Mac tracks all 50 states; Case-Shiller only tracks 20 large cities.

Freddie tracks sales from mortgages. Case-Shiller gets data from county assessor and recorder offices.

Real estate prices have an inverse relationship with rent amount.

If rent demand exceeds supply (tight market), learn how quickly you should raise rents.

If rent supply exceeds demand (slow market), learn how low you should let your standards drop.

Learn how to avoid “over-improving” a rental unit.

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