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Listen: “Get Rich Education Podcast”

GRE is one of the top investing shows in the world. This top-tier weekly podcast has never missed a week since inception in 2014. Top guests include: Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rogers, Ken McElroy, Grant Cardone, Tom Wheelwright, and many more. This is a financial education show; but not only do we teach you to fish, we also give you a fish.

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Watch mulitple new videos every week, delving into current events, financial fundamentals, and showcasing the video-version of guest interviews from the GRE podcast.

Read:7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential”

This is a reference work, describing all five profit centers of real estate, as you learned about in the video course. The video format is perfect for visualizing the numbers—the book shines when you want to search one specific thing using a search or table of contents. Available for download and as paperback.

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7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential

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